Tomix FM-023 First Car Museum JR Series 200 Tohoku Shinkansen (Yamabiko) (N scale)

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Series 200 is a Shinkansen train that appeared with the opening of the Tohoku Shinkansen in 1982, and has a reinforced cold and snow resistant structure to accommodate the natural environment of Tohoku.
The 12-car F formation, including the buffet car, is mainly composed of the 1000th car for 240km, and the leading car is the 1500th leading car with more capacity than the 0th and 1000th. I was enrolled.

- First car museum products that you can easily display and enjoy precise N gauge model railroads
- Reproduce the leading car of the Nagano Shinkansen F80 formation among the 200 series Shinkansen
- The head and tail lights can be turned on by using the FM-017 power supply unit and power unit D.C. feeder (sold separately).
- Head and tail lights are equipped with a constantly lit board
- Headlights are lit by light bulb color LED, tail lights are lit by red LED
- Silver wheels adopted
- Straight rail S158.5 (F) that can be displayed immediately is included (no painting or printing)
- Straight rail S158.5 (F) can be connected to conventional fine tracks
- Wheel chock parts to prevent rolling are already installed

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