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Tomix HO-207 JR Diesel Locomotive Type DD51-1000 Cold Region Type/ JR Freight New Renewal (HO scale)

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MSRP: JPY37,180
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DD51 type 649 cars were born from 1962 to 1978.
The DD51 type belonging to the Washibetsu engine district of JR Freight has inherited the A cold terrain specification vehicle, and the body color has changed due to the renewal work.
The range of activity in Hokkaido was narrowed and part of the operation was relocated to the Nagoya area and operated in the Inazawa-Yokkaichi area.

- Reproduce the appearance of a new freight car among vehicles of A cold terrain specification after DD 1051-1000 type 1052
- Parts that can reproduce the appearance with and without snowpro
- Bonnet fan part reproduces the appearance of gray
- A new equipment box beside the cab is included
- Ward name tag sticker included
- The front window glass reproduces the appearance equipped with a turning window
- Radiator covers on both sides of the bonnet reproduce the figure of two divisions
- The car number can be selected by attaching an etching license plate
- The car number is (DD51-1146 / 1147/11156/1166 Unit)
- Reproduce the body markings such as corner S and inspection markings by printing
- JRF mark on the side of the cab is printed and reproduced
- Headlights are lit by light bulb color LED, with ON-OFF switch
- The window H rubber and bonnet connecting rubber are reproduced in black
- Drive unit with CANON motor + flywheel
- Equipped with energizing terminals
- Minimum passing radius: R600

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