Tomix HO-236 JR Diesel Locomotive Type DD51-1000 Cold Region Type/ Washibetu/ JR Freight New Renewal/ PS (HO scale)

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DD51 type 649 cars were born from 1962 to 1978.
The DD51 type belonging to the JR Cargo's Washibetsu engine district has A cold terrain specifications.
The body color of some vehicles has changed.
Towed a freight train in Hokkaido with a single machine or heavy train.

- Prestige model
- Of the vehicles of A cold terrain specification with DD51-1000 type 1052 or later
- Reproduce the 1147/1166 No. which became a new cargo update car
- Prestige model with parts installed
- Bonnet fan part reproduces the body color appearance
- Ward name tag "eagle" "coins" printed
- Reproduce the appearance of Snow Plow
- The front window glass reproduces the appearance equipped with a turning window
- Radiator covers on both sides of the bonnet reproduce the figure of two divisions
- The car number can be selected by attaching an etching license plate
- The car number is (DD51-1147 / 1166 Unit)
- Reproduce the body markings such as corner S and inspection markings by printing
- JRF mark on the side of the cab is printed and reproduced
- Headlights are lit by light bulb color LED, with ON-OFF switch
- The window H rubber and bonnet connecting rubber are reproduced in black
- Drive unit with CANON motor + flywheel
- Equipped with energizing terminals
- Minimum passing radius: R600

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