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Tomix 97933 JR Series 287 Limited Express 'Panda Kuroshio/ Smile Adventure Train/ New Logo' 6 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY26,620
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- The 287 series is a limited express train introduced in "Kuroshio" in 2010 as a replacement for the 381 series that was previously used, and it is mainly operated with 6-9 cars between Shirahama/Shingu-Shin Osaka/Kyoto. Masu
- From August 2017, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the opening of the theme park "Adventure World" in Wakayama Prefecture, 287 series 1 formation 6 cars were wrapped.
- From September 2019, the logo of Adventure World of the first formation has been changed to a new logo, and the second formation has appeared from December of the same year.

[Product features]
- Of the 287 series wrapping train [Panda Kuroshio / Smile Adventure Train], reproduce the HC 601 formation that appeared with a new logo in 2019
- Car number, JR mark, green car mark printed
- Kumoroha's sheet is reproduced in brown, Kumoha Moha's sheet is reproduced in blue
- Door step is printed with yellow band
- The display next to the door is reproduced in black
- Head and tail lights are equipped with a constantly lit board and an ON-OFF switch
- Headlights are white and taillights are red.
- Headlights under the cab reproduce yellow and white lighting with a color prism
- TN coupler (SP) is equipped on the cab side of the front car
- Power with flywheel, new current collection system, silver wheels
- M-13 motor adopted

【set content】
MOHA 286-9(M)
MOHA 287-201
MOHA 286-201
MOHA 286-8
KUMOHA 287-14

[Example of organization]
Limited express Kuroshio (from December 2019)
← Shingu/Shirahama Shin-Osaka/Kyoto→
KUMOROHA 286-8 + MOHA 286-9(M) + MOHA 287-201 + MOHA 286-201 + MOHA 286-8 + KUMOHA 287-14

[Optional product sold separately]
- Interior Lighting Kitt: <0734>LC (light bulb color)
-TN coupler: <0337> tightly coupled type

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