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Tomix 98449 JR Series 12-3000/ Series 14 Type 15 Passenger Car (Daisen/Chikuma) 5 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY13,420
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The 12 series 3000 series is used for the seat cars of the express trains "Daisen" and "Chikuma". For the 12 series 0 series, the seats are replaced with reclining seats and the train mark display is installed on the SUHAFU 12 type. It is a vehicle that has been remodeled to the same electric system as the 14 series passenger car.
The "Daisen" that connected Osaka and Izumo City and the "Chikuma" that connected Osaka and Nagano were operated using the 12 series 3000 series and the 14 series 14 type, but in 1994 the use of a sleeping car The vehicle was changed to 14 series 15 type.

- Reproduce the era of the era composed of 12-3000 series and 14 series 15 type
- Reproduce the 12-3000 series that became a reclining seat with new seat production
- Reproduce the Suhafu 12-3000 type with the train mark display part by new production
-SIHANEFU 15 and OHANE 15 types reproduce the appearance of the washroom not updated
- H rubber is reproduced in black
- Tail lights and train marks are equipped with a constantly lit board and have an ON-OFF switch.
- Tail lights and train marks are lit by white LEDs
- The train mark is printed with "Daisen" and comes with a pre-printed replacement glass "Chikuma".
- Dummy coupler and jumper plugs are already installed on the conductor room side of the Suhafu 12-3000 type.
- The underfloor engine of Suhafu 12-3000 type and Suhanefu 15 type is reproduced with another gray part
- JR mark printed
- The car number is selectable and comes with a transfer sheet
- New current collection system, black bogie frame, black wheels adopted
- Compatible with Interior Lighting Kit Tomix 0733