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Tomix 98464 JNR Type 72/73 Commuter Train 5 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY22,440
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The 72 and 73 series appeared as an improved version of the 63 series train, and were active as the standard for commuter trains in the Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan areas at that time.
The 72/73 type 920 series has undergone a major modernization from the conventional series, such as the all-metal body and fluorescent lighting for interior lighting.
The Zenkinsha was used on the Chuo Line Express Train (currently the Chuo Rapid Line) and the Keihin Tohoku Line Yamanote Line along with the conventional 72 and 73 types. The place of activity has moved to the line section near the metropolitan area such as the line.

- High grade (HG) specifications
- 5-car train set of KUHA 79-920 and MOHA 72-920
- <98465> By combining with the extension set B, it is possible to reproduce the 8-car train of 6 cars + 2 cars
- H rubber is reproduced in gray
- Ventilator and lightning arrester are already installed
- Head / tail lights and front display are lit by light bulb color LEDs
- The front display uses a color prism to light in a color close to white.
- The front display part is a pre-printed parts selection type and will be attached to "Tokyo / Asakawa / Mitaka / Yamate"
- Head / tail light, front display is equipped with a constantly lit board, with ON-OFF switch
- Equipped with a tightly connected TN coupler (SP) with piping
- The cab side of the leading car uses a TN coupler with a small body support.
- The car number is selectable and comes with a transfer sheet
- Powered with flywheel
- New current collection system, black wheels adopted
- M-13 motor adopted
- Compatible with Interior Lighting Kit Tomix 0733

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