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Tomix 98469 Series 485 Limited Express Train (KIRISHIMA EXPRESS) 3 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY17,820
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"KIRISHIMA EXPRESS" is a dedicated vehicle allocated to the limited express "Kirishima" that was born when the system was separated between Miyazaki and Nishikagoshima in the operation section of "Nichirin" in 1995. It features the modified Kumoha 485 type.
The limited express "Hyuga" was born in 2000, and since it was operated in common with "Kirishima" and the body color was changed, the painting in green was short for about 5 years.

- High grade (HG) specifications
- KUMOHA 485 type is newly manufactured with 5 coolers installed.
- The printed train mark is already equipped with "Kirishima" and comes with a "refreshing liner".
- The logo mark of each car is printed and reproduced
- Shoe shavings and door rails are printed
- The car number is selectable and comes with a transfer sheet
- Reproduce the air piping at the end of the car
- Roof toilet ventilation fan parts included
- ATS on-board child parts included
- Head / tail lights and train marks are equipped with a constantly lit board
- Head and tail lights are lit by light bulb color LED
- The train mark lights up in a color close to white due to the adoption of a color prism.
- Powered with flywheel
- New current collection system, black wheels adopted
- M-13 motor adopted
- TN coupler (SP) standard equipment (excluding the cab side of the leading car)