Tomix 98471 JR Series 103-1200 Commuter Train 5 Cars Add-on Set (N scale)

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Series 103 is a DC commuter train that appeared in 1963.
After repeated model changes, 3447 cars were manufactured by 1984.
The 103 series 1200 series is a vehicle that appeared in 1970 for the Tozai line of the Keidan subway, and the basic structure is the same as the 1000 series for the Chiyoda line that appeared earlier, but due to differences in security equipment etc. Immediately after the door, there is a door pocket window, and the Kumoha 102 type is manufactured in relation to the formation of the 301 series, which is a unique appearance.
The shape of the side window has become a unit sash for additional vehicles manufactured after 1972.
At the time of its appearance, it was a body color with a yellow band on Gray No. 9, but when the 205 series was introduced on the Chuo-Sobu line, the color scheme was similar to that and there was a risk of accidental riding, so the band color Has been changed to light blue, which is the line color of the Tozai Line of the Keidan Subway.
It is the 103 series 1200 series that appeared in non-cooling, but later, the cooling was remodeled using the AU712 type distributed cooler.
In 2003, it was replaced by the successor E231 series 800 series and retired.

This is an Add-on Set for Tomix 98470
Compatible with Interior Lighting Kit Tomix 0733

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