Tomix 98735 JNR Express Fright Car 10 Cars Set (N scale)

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*This set does not contain a motor car.

The express freight train operates at a maximum speed of 75 km / h, and was characterized by direct transportation between bases, unlike the "yard-concentrated transportation" in which the trains were rearranged for each marshalling yard, which was the mainstream at the time.
Wam 60000 and Wam 70000 initially appeared as exclusive freight cars for express freight trains, and were characterized by the word "express" on the body.
The express freight train was abolished because the maximum speed of general freight trains was raised to 75 km / h by the timetable revision in October 1968.
- Reproduce the freight train with the letters "express"
- Reproduce the Yo 3500 with a one-stage link type running device by new production
- Wam 60000 and Wam 70000 reproduce the express train with the "Kiwam" mark.
- Wam 60000 reproduces the late model
- Car numbers and markings have been printed
- Wam 60000 has the characters "express" printed
- Wam 70000 is printed with the letters "Express" and an orange band.
- The "express" marking of Wam 60000 and Wam 70000 is reproduced by printing on the side door.
- Yo 3500's tail lights and interior lights are equipped with a constantly lit board.
- Silver wheels adopted

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