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Tomix 98753 JR Series 14 Type 15 Limited Express Sleeper Passenger Car (Akatsuki) 7 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY17,930
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The 14 series 15 type is a limited express sleeper passenger car that appeared in 1978, and adopted the same distributed power supply system as the conventional 14 series 14 type after fire safety measures.
Compared to other sleeper passenger cars, the 14 series 14 and 15 types had the characteristic of being able to easily split and merge trains.
The sleeper limited express "Akatsuki" was a train connecting Kyoto-Nagasaki / Sasebo, but in March 2000, the operation between Kyoto and Sasebo was abolished, and the combined operation with "Comet" was newly started between Kyoto and Monji. did.
"Akatsuki" is connected to "Legato Seat" equipped with a reclining seat after privatization, B sleeper private room "Solo", and A sleeper for 1 person that was connected to the same train after the abolition of "Izumo No. 2 and 3". The private room "Twin Deluxe" and the B sleeper private room for 2 people "Twin" and "Single Twin" were connected.
In October 2005, "Comet" was abolished, and "Akatsuki" started operation in combination with the sleeper limited express "Naha".

- Reproduce the Akatsuki that became a combined operation with the comet
- ORONE 14-300 type reproduces 301 and 302 remodeled from OHANE 14 type by new production
- Bed parts are reproduced in green
- SUHANEFU 15 type, OHANE 15 type reproduce the appearance that the washroom window is buried
- SUHANEFU 15 type reproduces the appearance that the closing plate remains in the louver part
- H rubber is reproduced in black
- JR mark printed
- The car number is selectable and comes with a transfer sheet
- SUHANEFU 15 type reproduces the underfloor power generation engine with separate parts
- Tail light and train mark are equipped with a constantly lit board, and SUHANEFU 15 type has an ON-OFF switch.
- Tail lights and train marks are lit by white LEDs
- One of the 15 types of SUHANEFU reproduces the folded appearance of the hood, and a replacement thick hood is attached
- Of the 15 types of SUHANEFU, one car connected in the middle has no train mark printed and no board.
- For one of the OHA 14-300 and SUHANEFU 15 types, the train mark has been printed with "Akatsuki".
- OHA 14-300 type is already equipped with dummy coupler and jumper plug
- New current collection system, black wheels adopted
- Compatible with Interior Lighting Kit Tomix 0733

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