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Medicos Super Action Statue Kira Yoshikage Figure (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable)

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MSRP: JPY7,480
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


“I never lose myself in joy… and I never lose myself in despair. I culminate a serene disposition… That’s part of my goal of living a quiet life.” — Yoshikage Kira

This Yoshikage Kira figure allows you to bring your favorite antagonist from the fourth part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure home to recreate your favorite scenes. Featuring movable joints and posable limbs, he stands at about 16cm tall sporting his signature skull tie and Kosaku’s suit. You also get Kira's matured head, briefcase, cellphone, wristwatch, his stand’s Sheer Heart Attack, and, of course, a handful of girlfriends. The figure also comes with a stand so you can display him proudly with the rest of your Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure collection.

About Yoshikage Kira

Yoshikage Kira is a sophisticated and egocentric office worker who finds solace in mundanity. He doubles as a paraphilic serial killer with a fetish for women’s hands derived from his fascination with the Mona Lisa as a child. He collects his female victims’ severed hands as “girlfriends” until they decay and he goes off on another murderous spree to replace them. His Stand, Killer Queen, turns anything it touches into a bomb — thus erasing any evidence of Kira’s uncontrollable desire to kill.

Yoshikage Kira Figure Details:

  • Includes: 1 Yoshikage Kira body, 2 interchangeable heads and ties, 1 bomb, 1 cellphone, 1 wrist watch, 1 briefcase, 1 display stand, and 9 interchangeable hands
  • Height is approx. 155 mm (16 cm)
  • Made in Japan
  • Fast shipping

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