Rokuhan C007 Section Power Changeover Switch (Z Scale)

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- RC-02 / RC-03 Train controller (sold separately) is a switch that switches the power supply of two sections on the same line, which are isolated and separated.
- Output for 2 sections from the switch, # 1 section operates according to the operation of the connected train controller, # 2 section operates according to the controller operation, or the stop with lights always on (or off) can be switched with the switch I can do it. (Figure 1)
- You can select the direction of travel of lights while the vehicle is stopped in the # 2 section. You can switch the direction of the headlight and taillight.
- It is possible to switch between operations/stops of multiple sections using multiple switches. You can play like a car depot or a motive power depot. (Figure 2)
- You can play by using 2 sections and connecting 2 trains with motors, respectively, just by operating the controller and switch.
- By combining with the "Uncoupler Rail with Gap (tentative name)" scheduled to be released in the future,
 You will be able to reproduce the work of separating two trains, each with a motor.
- Can be used with either Z gauge or Z shorty.
- By using the side hook, it is possible to connect various switches (sold separately) of Rokuhan such as existing C002 / C003 / C004.

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Rokuhan C007 Section Power Changeover Switch (Z Scale)
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