Bandai S.H.Figuarts (Shinkocchou Seihou) Ultraman Tiga Multi Type Figure (Ultraman)

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If you’re a true Ultraman fan, then you need the ultimate Ultraman figure. This is the Ultraman that ended a long hiatus: Ultraman Tiga. As an action figure, he’s not the giant that he is in the series, but he’ll still appear larger than life as he hangs out on your shelf or the corner of your desk. The Bandai Figuarts collection has an array of Ultraman action figures, including Ultraman Trigger, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman X, and Zoffy.

The Story Behind Ultraman Tiga

Fans will appreciate this Ultraman figure for a variety of reasons. Most notably, Ultraman Tiga is the first Ultra Hero of the series who can change his form. Ultraman Tiga also ended a 15-year break following Ultraman 80. Tiga has since gone on to star in several Ultraman chapters. He came from a distant nebula and arrived on Earth in the form of light, as an Ancient Giant of Light. What a backstory!

The Tiga Figure

This Ultraman figure of Tiga is a Multi-Type figure, which is a must-have for collectors. In his signature purple, red, and silver suit, Tiga is ready to take on the world. Movable ball joints in the arms, legs, and hips allow you to arrange your Ultraman action figure in a wide range of hero poses. You’ll be pleased to know that, even in figure form, Ultraman Tiga appears to radiate the light that created him.

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