HiQparts 2DD Sticker 03 Punched Plate Stripe S

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- This is  a detail up parts for plastic models and figures.

- Decal that can be applied to robot plastic models/Figures for making it your own design. With your creativity, it can be used for various models.

- For creating a design of plate with holes drilled at equal intervals in a metal plate.

- Qty: 1 Sheet

Tips on how to use 1: Where to stick
For any pattern, we recommend using it so that the end face of the sticker is not visible. It looks better if you put it in a deep place or in a plate with a border.

Tips for use 2: If you want to make it more matte
It comes pre-laminated with a matte finish, but if you want to make it even more matte, you can apply a matte finish after sticking it to the part. On the other hand, the method of painting matte clear on the whole sheet (with the sticker attached) and then peeling it off is not suitable for this product because the paint will easily peel off when the sticker is bent.

Usage tips 3: Combination of colors
We recommend that you check in advance to see if there is any discomfort in the brightness difference with the surroundings by actually pasting it.

- Made in Japan

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HiQparts 2DD Sticker 03 Punched Plate Stripe S
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