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Di molto bene Statue Legend Will Anthonio Zeppeli Figure (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood)

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Medicos Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 1 Will Anthonio Zeppeli Figure 4580326630953

You may know Will Anthonio Zeppeli as Baron Zeppeli, but no matter what you call him, you can’t deny his importance to Jonathan Joestar. Will is Jonathan’s biggest ally, making him an integral character in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood. Let’s learn a bit more about Will Zeppeli from Jojo before you add him to your figurine collection.

Background on the Baron

Will Anthonio Zeppeli comes from Italy. He’s a famed Ripple master whose main aim is to find the Stone Mask and summarily destroy it for the good of the world. Over the course of his quest, Will came to learn about Dio Brando. That knowledge is what ultimately led him to meet Jonathan Joestar. Will quickly stepped in to become a mentor to Phantom Blood’s Jojo. Not only that, but Will also teaches Jonathan the art and skill of the Ripple and fully joins him in the fight against Dio.

Bringing Home Will

There are several versions of Will Zeppeli from Jojo. Our figure represents the anime version of Will. He’s sharp but colorful in his clean white suit with bright blue and green accents. Unlike other Medicos figures, Will isn’t posable. However, he comes out of the box striking a fierce, ferocious pose that proves he’s ready for battle. With his flowing morning coat and his hands at the ready, he’ll make an arresting display on your desk or shelf.

Explore the many figures from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure available at Plaza Japan, beginning with Will Anthonio Zeppeli. Make sure you grab Jonathan Joestar to display next to his mentor.

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