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Plamokojo File 'Abrading Stone Dust Zero'

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MSRP: JPY1,322
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Stone-type polishing stick file

In addition to the shape and hardness of the stick file, it is a polishing file for stone model plastic models with a new sensation that can be finished like a paper file.

- Since the entire stick is sanded, it can be used as a whole without waste.
- Also, the cutting force is lower than the conventional metal file, and the eyes are fine, so the correction time can be reduced when parts are accidentally cut.

- Most of dusts generated during work adhere to the body, reducing the amount of dusts scattered in the air, thus reducing air pollution in the workplace.
- In addition, when cleaning, you can use it for a long time without damaging the cutting force by wiping the dirty part with a cloth or removing dust with a piece of gum tape.

*Please note that if you use too much force, it may break. Even if it breaks, you can use it as it is.

*Please note that this product avoid the dispersion of dust and cannot completely eliminate dusts.
*This product can be used for water sharpening, but it may be difficult to remove the dust attached to the file stick, and the cutting force of the product may be reduced.
For cleaning after water sharpening, dry the main unit well and remove the adhering debris.

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