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Cube Otamatone Neo Black

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MSRP: JPY5,082
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Batteries not included (Comes with sample batteries only)

Model "Otamatone neo black" commemorating the 10th anniversary of Otamatone
Otamatone is an electronic musical instrument in the form of musical notes.
Simply pressing the Shippo switch makes it easy to produce sound.
Otamatone neo has been improved to make it easier to play Otamatone.
An updated model with an OTM Link function that connects to a smartphone.
At the same time, the official app "Otamatone Studio" can be used to play various instruments.
Equipped with a power lamp that prevents the battery from being forgotten.
The package is a transparent BOX specification that is great for gifts.
This model is suitable for the 10th anniversary.
* When not connected to a device such as a smartphone, it can be used as a normal Otama tone.
* With OTM Link function (Connect with the included 3.5mm 4-pole stereo mini cable.)
* The official application "Otamatone Studio" cannot be used on devices without a 3.5mm 4-pole stereo mini-terminal.
However, you can use it if you can use a conversion adapter that supports microphone input.
In addition, the devices that can be used with Android devices are limited.

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