Takara Tomy Tomica World Tomica Speedway Live Sound Digital Accel Circuit

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-Tomica runs by hitting the shooter button repeatedly. You can run Tomica faster by hitting the button repeatedly at the right time.
-Full-scale race play with digital counter.
"Race battle mode" where two Tomicas are divided into in-course and out-course to compete for the number of laps.
Win / loss can be judged by installing a digital counter.
Also equipped with a variety of "challenge modes" to play with one Tomica
-Super interlocking with dedicated app x Super Speed ​​Tomica.
If you certify the separately sold Super Speed ​​Tomica, the race will be live with a special sound for each vehicle.
In addition, race results and lap times are recorded and data can be managed with a dedicated app.
Raise the driver level with the experience points gained in racing and clear the dedicated in-app game!
* Tomica with a special shape or Tomica with a high vehicle height cannot be used.
* Cars sold separately.
Product contents: Shooter unit (1), starter (1), lane cover (1), straight lane (2), curve lane A (up) (1), curve lane A (down) (1), curve lane A Bridged (2), Curved Lane B (Up) (1), Curved Lane B (Down) (1), Curved Lane B Bridged (2), Lap Counter Body (1), Goal Gate (1), Label (1) ), Instruction manual (2)

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