Kotobukiya M.S.G Modeling Support Goods Mecha Supply 16 Customize Head C

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Size is approx. 55mm

A neck unit for 2 types of heads, frame arms and hexa gears is included, and by combining with abundant "side unit" and "sensor unit", a wide range of mechanical heads can be produced.

*Molding color is light gray or dark gray.


- It is possible to make an original head by attaching "bite unit" "face unit" "side unit" etc. to "core unit".
- "Bite unit" is movable and can produce roar scene.
- You can select and use the "side unit" and "sensor unit" from multiple designs as you like.
- Two types of neck units are included, one for Hexa Gear and one for Frame Arms.
- Some products may not be supported due to shape restrictions.
- Neck joint for Hexa Gear is compatible with 5mm diameter ball joint and 3mm diameter shaft.
- The molding color is two-color molding and it is composed of light gray and dark gray.

Set Contents:

- Core unit A x1
- Core unit B x1
- Bite unit x2
- Sensor unit A x1 set
- Sensor unit B x1 set
- Sensor unit C x1 set
- Sensor unit D x1 set
- Sensor unit E x1 set
- Sensor unit F x1 set
- Face unit A x1
- Face unit B x1
- Side unit A x1 set
- Side unit B x1 set
- Side unit C x1 set
- Side unit D x1 set
- Optional unit A (mane base) x1
- Optional unit B (Fang long type) x1
- Neck unit for hexa gear x2
- Neck unit for frame arms x1

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