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Kotobukiya ZD138 Zoids EZ-035 Lightning Saix Marking Plus Ver. 1/72 Scale Kit

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MSRP: JPY5,616
You save JPY846

Expected release date is 30th Sep 2020


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This is a plastic model kit and assembly is required.

Size is approx. 265mm

This model’s “attack form” comes to life with Lightning Saix’s red fins and sharp edge armor.
The model’s unique form boasts an impressive range of articulation and flexibility, allowing it to be displayed in a variety of dynamic action poses. Each weapon included in this model kit boasts an expansion feature for users to play with.
In addition to the original clear green head cockpit, the kit also includes an additional colorless clear part that can be customized with model paint.

Be sure to add this Zoid to your very own collection as the main attack force in your high speed attack team!

Product Specifications:
- The cockpit hatch on the head can be opened and closed, allowing for a pilot figure to be placed inside.
- The HMM-original weapons, “Micro Missile Pod” on top of its torso and the “Double-Barrelled Vulcan Gun” on its underbelly can be expanded without additional parts.
- The “Pulse Laser Rifle” equipped on its back can swing in all directions.
- The “Strike Laser Claws” can also be expanded without additional parts. Furthermore, the claws can be fully extended by replacing them with the included additional parts in this model kit.
- The Zoid Core inside the model’s torso can be removed.
- The clear parts of the head cockpit come in the standard clear green as well as a clear color for your preference.
- The kit includes a variety of detailed decals that can be used to customize the model.

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