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Kotobukiya Frame Arms 1/100 NSG-X2 Hresvelgr=Ater:RE2 Plastic Model

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MSRP: JPY4,840
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Size: Approx. H150mm
-  The color scheme for this model was based on the winning design from the “”MY ‘SVELGR COLORING CONTEST.””
-  The kit includes the large-sized weapons, “Beryl Smasher”, newly designed by HRESVELGR designer Tomotake Kinoshita, to give the model an even more dynamic appearance.
-  The kit includes a new type of decals that is a first for the series. The decals include the yellow portions for the chest and arms, and the line pattern for the legs, allowing users to build a realistic model with no painting required.
-  Even with the new design, HRESVELGR’s signature transformation feature is still possible without requiring interchangeable parts. The new Beryl Smasher weapons act as the wings, giving the model a unique silhouette when in flight mode.
-  The model uses Frame Architect Renewal Ver. for the base frame, allowing it to be combined with parts from other models.
-  The kit includes special hand parts that can firmly grasp the large weapons.
Changes Made in Model “:RE2”
-  The hand parts use swing joints. “FA Hand 2” are included that includes gun-holding hand parts.
-  The model uses Frame Architect Renewal Ver. for the base frame. The Frame Architect is made of PS plastic and is not pre-assembled in this model kit.
-  The hips of Frame Architect uses the standard joints parts of SA-16Ex STYLET MULTI WEAPON EXPANSION TEST TYPE for more secure support.

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