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Wave Super Airbrush Trigger Type 07 Lightweight Aluminium Body HT587

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MSRP: JPY17,050
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- A trigger type airbrush with a nozzle diameter of 0.7mm that prevents surfacers from clogging.

- The body is made of lightweight aluminum, making it easy to handle.
- A set of airbrushes (handpieces) that are essential for finishing work in model making. The operating method is a trigger type that prevents fingers from getting tired even when working for a long time.
- The joint is also a general S screw (1/8) specification, and can be used with many commercially available air sources.
- The nozzle diameter is 0.7mm, and it can be used conveniently for thick blowing and large area painting. In addition, paint with large particles such as surfacers and metallic colors are less likely to clog.
- Aluminum is used for the body material to reduce the weight of the trigger type airbrush, which tends to be heavy due to its structure.
- Needle packing is made of Teflon, and has excellent durability against lacquer-based solvents.

Product specification:
- Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm
- Cup capacity: 7cc/15cc (replaceable)
- Trigger type
- With needle adjuster
- Air hose mounting part: S screw specification
- Built-in Teflon-coated needle packing
- Needle cap: 2 types included (flat/perforated)
- Product material Body: aluminum alloy, brass, ABS, etc.
- Size Product body: about 155 x 145 x 30mm
- Product weight: Approx. 175g *When 15cc cup is installed

- 7cc cup
- Needle cap (perforated type)
- Nozzle wrench
- Spigot joint

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