Kato 6-530 Model People 'Motorman & Conductor Summer-Wear Dark Blue' (HO scale)

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What train layout is complete without a motorman and conductor? These HO scale model people include the head of the train and the other supporting staff that help him keep the train running smoothly. Combine them with other figures on your HO layout to add realism and authenticity.

Realistic Scale Models

Scale model people are made of high-quality materials and are intricately crafted to give as much detail as possible with every piece. This set comes with four conductor figurines and two motormen figurines that are designed for HO scale layouts.

Everything You Need

At Plaza Japan, we have everything you need to build a realistic model train layout from start to finish. Once you choose the right scale for you, decide if you’re building a layout based on a real place or something from your imagination. Build the scenery, lay your track, and finish the scene with realistic trains and structures. By the time you’re done, you will have created a realistic layout that is truly a work of art.

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