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Kato 3005-1 Electric Locomotive Type EH10 (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY9,350
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Pre-order Deadline: Aug 18, 2020 (JST) Availability may not be guaranteed after the deadline.
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The EH10 was the first Japanese two-body connected H-class (8-axis drive) electric locomotive to appear in 1954 in 1954, when a prototype vehicle was produced and 64 cars were manufactured. It made its debut before and after the complete electrification of the Tokaido Main Line, enabling continuous pulling of a 1200-ton freight train. As a state-of-the-art machine at that time, new machine axes such as a box-shaped car body without a deck, a sloping front window, a two-axis bogie trolley were included, but it appeared in later years, such as having the characteristics of the old model electric machine in terms of mechanism and performance. It had a specification that made me feel the transitional period to ED60 and EF60. In addition, the innovative paint color with a yellow stripe on the all-black body of a freighter will continue to make an impact today. Due to its huge body called the Mammoth locomotive, the EH10 continued to play an active role without leaving the Tokaido Main Line for life, but with the deterioration and the appearance of the following new aircraft, the scrapped car started, and in 1981 (Showa 56) Retired from active duty.

- Faithfully model the mass-produced vehicles after the 5th machine to the prototype.
- Innovative coloring with a yellow stripe on the black body, a fearless body, and a solid bogie area are accurately expressed.
- Precisely express complex and three-dimensional details such as windows, grills, and roof shapes that are continuous on the side of the car body.
- Powerful and smooth driving performance is achieved by the adoption of a flywheel power unit.
- Accurately reproduces the specifications of the actual vehicle with two body connections and eight-axis drive.
- Reproduce the front pickpocket with separate parts.
- The car body notation is beautifully represented by printing.
- Express the cab. It is also possible to mount a doll.
- Headlight adopts light bulb color LED.
- Arnold coupler as standard equipment, replacement knuckle coupler included.
- Selectable license plate: "18" "33" "52" "61" Selectable maker's plate: "Kawasaki" "Toshiba"

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