Kato 22-083 Kato Power Supply 16V (HO scale)


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Customize your train set with a HO scale power supply from Kato. Plaza Japan has a selection devoted to Kato products, including this versatile power supply, which can make your trains run fast, smooth, and always on time. The Kato power supply provides a powerful output that makes it ideal for train sets of any size. The best part is that you can use the power supply with a variety of power packs and controllers from the Kato brand. Creating a custom track has never been as easy or as fun.

What to Expect from Your Power Supply

When you use the HO scale power supply, you can expect your trains to go down the track at lightning speed! You can keep your trains rolling down the track for longer periods of time with this powerful DC16V output for HO scale models. It’s an investment you need to make if you want your trains to arrive on time at every station.

Building Trains with Plaza Japan

Plaza Japan is the go-to place for train hobbyists, especially when it comes to HO scale products. Kato is an excellent brand for HO scale train accessories, and you won’t be disappointed with any of their products. You can find a Kato power supply to make your trains go faster when you shop at Plaza Japan. If you want the best, keep the Kato brand on your shopping list!

Ramp up the speed of your train set with a HO scale power supply from the Kato brand. Look for complementary accessories at Plaza Japan.

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Kato 22-083 Kato Power Supply 16V (HO scale)
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