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Kato 22-019 Smart Controller (AC Adapter Sold Separately)

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MSRP: JPY14,850
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A new controller will appear that allows you to drive a railroad model with your smartphone.

It is a power pack that allows you to remotely control the railroad model with a mobile terminal that has its main body connected to a layout like the conventional power pack, and has installed a special application (free).

Because it is a wireless connection by Bluetooth, you can enjoy comfortably without interfering even if you use multiple smart controllers.
Moreover, it has high affinity with the 22-101 sound box, and connecting the smart controller and the sound box, it is possible to operate all functions of the sound box from the mobile terminal.

Since you do not have to stay in front of the power pack at all times as before, you can enjoy driving the railroad model in a free posture while comfortably relaxing on the sofa etc, while approaching the layout and looking at your favorite angle . Even with respect to equipment that can expand its functions, it is under development.
This product only becomes the power pack body. When using it, please use it together with the optional AC adapter for N / HO.

œ KATO's first wireless method, a controller compatible with mobile terminal operation. For operation, you need a separate smartphone / tablet terminal etc.
œ Operations such as acceleration / deceleration of the train, change of direction, etc. can all be operated with a smartphone / tablet terminal.
œ By using the included sound box connection cable, connecting with the sound box, you can operate all functions of the sound box on the smart phone ? tablet terminal.
œ Wireless connection by Bluetooth method does not cause interference even if multiple smart controllers are used.
œ The output of the main unit is DC: 0 to 12 V (in the case of AC adapter for N) / 0 to 16 V (in the case of AC adapter for HO), 2.0 A.
œ Pulse width modulation system (PWM control) is adopted as the output for vehicle running. Corresponding to slow running, you can enjoy more realistic driving of the vehicle.
- Equipped with the function of electric noise canceller, it corresponds also to the operation of the European type vehicle. * When connecting a sound box and driving a European type vehicle, a separate electric noise canceller is required.
œ Equipped with a power switch, you can manage ON / OFF of each connected accessory device at once.
œ Power can be supplied to each accessory equipment from the side snap terminal and accessory terminal.
œ Provide an overcurrent protection circuit to protect accessory equipment connected when short circuit occurs. After removing the cause, recover by turning off the power switch.
œ Application for operation can be downloaded for free from each application site. Updates are possible every time new functions are added.
œ Compatible terminal: iPhone 5 or higher Android 5.0 or higher * Model with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher

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