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Kato 10-1565 Series 285-3000 'Sunrise Express' (Pantograph Expansion Configuration) 7 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY22,550
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The 285 series <Sunrise Express> is a limited express sleeper train that appeared in 1998. Between Tokyo and Okayama, 7 cars of "Sunrise Izumo" (Tokyo-Izumo City) and 7 cars of "Sunrise Seto" (Tokyo-Takamatsu) are combined and operated in a 14-car train. Although the basic performance is the same, there are differences in the car body notation and underfloor equipment between the 0 series of JR West and the 3000 series of JR Central.
Since 2013, renewals such as the addition of pantographs and the expansion of customer door steps have been carried out.
- Commercialized the appearance after the renewal carried out after 2013 (Heisei 25). The 0 series is a prototype of I3 organization, and the 3000 series is a prototype of I5 organization.
- The MOHANE 285 reproduces the appearance of two pantographs added. In addition, MOHANE 285-200 / -3200 reproduces the form in which Toshiba's underfloor equipment is installed.
- WPS28 single arm pantograph adopted
- Reproduce the door switch. The door steps on the side of each car are represented by a yellow warning color.
- A body mount close-coupled coupler (without hook) is newly adopted for the coupler at the head of the leading car. Includes parts that reproduce the two-stage electric ream (electric coupler) and coupler cover
- KATO coupler close-coupled PAT. With jumper pipe is used for the intermediate connection part.
- Equipped with underfloor equipment dedicated to the 285 series as a bogie mounting part at the bottom of the car end of the intermediate connection part
- Detailed representation of rooftop equipment such as coolers and resistors
- Achieves stable driving by adopting a well-established power unit (not equipped with a flywheel)
-Beautiful expression of the sunrise mark of the leading car
- Reproduce the car body notation in different typefaces for JR West specifications (0 series) and JR Tokai specifications (3000 series)
- Head / tail light on (with off switch). The lighting pattern of the headlights is the same as the actual car, the outer headlights are sealed beams (bulb color), the inner lights are fog lights (yellow), and the difference in light color is reproduced.
- Destination display sticker included
- Accessories: Destination display sticker, roof equipment, BS antenna, Denren, coupler cover, driver for switching off switch
- Compatible with interior lighting kit Kato 11-221

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