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Kato 23-143 UNITRAM Freight Depot Extension Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY3,300
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Perfect for freight depot scenes using Double Stack Containers & Autorack Trains.

- Commercialized cargo yard for container handling by applying Unitram plate system.
- The product is 186mm in length and 62mm in width, imitating asphalt, and is composed of a combination of a gray orbital plate with a satin finish, a yard road plate, and a boundary line for double-track spacing conversion.

- The total length of the basic set is 1054mm, it consists of 4 track plates, 11 yard road plates, 1 boundary line, and can stop 5 cars of 141mm length such as Koki and Ku.
- The yellow line is reproduced by printing on 4 plates in contact with the track of the yard road plate.
- The basic set also includes new accessories for car loading / unloading platform, car pallet loading / unloading platform, and car pallet, ideal for loading and unloading of cars.

- The total length of the extension set is 372mm and consists of 2 track plates and 4 yard road plates, and the yellow line is reproduced by printing on the 2 plates that touch the track on the yard road plate.
- By combining the extension set x 2 with the basic set, it is possible to stop 10 cars of 141mm vehicles.

- When connecting to a unitrack track plan, it is possible to play with the unitrack as a cargo handling line using only the yard road plate in addition to the standard double track spacing of 33mm.
- The contents of the attached yard road marking stickers will be recorded in various lines, arrows, notes, numbers, and lids for Japan and the United States.

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