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Kato 2028-1 Steam Locomotive 8620 Tohoku Type (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY14,850
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Model 8620 is a steam locomotive that was active in the JNR era. Although it was born in 1914 (Taisho 3), it has high versatility and many vehicles were used nationwide for branch lines and replacements even after the Pacific War. In the Tohoku region, the freight trains of the 8620 type Mieren and the mixed trains of the Gono line, which are seen on the Hanawa Line, are especially famous.

You can enjoy a wide range of trains from small trains to triple trains that are the same as real cars by connecting passenger cars and freight cars of the JNR era. A snow plow is included and can be installed as desired.

- Prototype of 8620 type that was active in the Hanawa and Gono lines in the 1940s
- Precisely reproduces features such as shield beam headlight, original differential, cab driver's seat front swivel window, extended cab roof, cold weather curtain equipment
- Ranboard is a two-stage after modification of the air control (air brake) device, reproduces the form without the inspection window
- Reproduce the form that the front part is equipped with 1 light on one side and 2 lights on the left and right
- The tender is a 6-13 type equipped from the mid-term type, the side edges are diagonal, and the rivet has not been removed. Rear ladder is equipped on the right side
- Stable running is realized by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
- Spoke wheels reproduce the form with gaps
- Headlights on
- Attached Arnold coupler / knuckle coupler for heavy trains that can reproduce heavy train operation. Also comes with a replacement knuckle coupler for the tender side
- Snowplow included to reproduce winter morphology
- Selectable license plate "28643" "48685" "58698" "68656"

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