Kato 10-1599 Hanawa Line Freight Car 8 Cars Set (N scale)

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Freight transportation on the Hanawa Line is operated by connecting auxiliary equipment between Iwate Matsuo (currently Matsuo Hachimantai) and Araya Shinmachi in order to overcome the 33 ‰ continuous gradient at the summit of Ryugamori (currently Appi Kogen). On the down train, I was sometimes seen running in front of auxiliary equipment Mieren.
It is a freight train set that is perfect for "8620 Tohoku specifications". The set comes with a pipe-shaped chimney that can reproduce the individual differences of the "8620", a side light and a special license plate.

- 8-car freight car set different car number from existing products
- The tiger 45000 is reproduced with the cargo cover attached.
- Reproduce the form of waff 29500 with no affiliation mark, but with "Mori" and "Koma Station standing". Tail light on (deck side only)
- The set comes with an auxiliary light for 8620 type, 2 pipe chimneys and 2 license plates. The auxiliary light is already built into the lens
- Use the auxiliary light and pipe chimney to reproduce the attached number "38698". A pipe chimney is used to reproduce "78646"
- Arnold coupler standard equipment for each vehicle

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