Kato 10-1687 Series 813-200 3 Cars Add-on Set (N scale)

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The 813 series, which is active mainly in the Hakata and Kitakyushu areas, is JR Kyushu's first VVVF inverter vehicle, and a total of 255 cars have been manufactured by 2009. The number is divided according to the year of manufacture, and the 200s are the largest group of the same type manufactured in 1997-1998. The 300s is a minority group with only 3 formations, and the difference in appearance from the 200s is that UV-cut smoked glass is used.
From the operation of compact 3-car trains to 6-car trains and 9-car trains, it is possible to reproduce trains according to track conditions and preferences.
In addition, the 813 series 200 series for the Fukuhoku Yutaka Line, which connects Fukuoka and Nogata, the central city of the Chikuho district, is active in a silver body with a different blackface color.

This is an Add-on Set for Kato 10-1686
Compatible with interior lighting kit Kato 11-211 (11-212)

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