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Kato 10-1558 Series 701-0 Akita Color 2 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY10,780
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The 701 series 0 series has 10 3-car trains and 27 one-man 2-car trains (as of 2020) at the Akita Vehicle Center. The 0-series is active only in the Akita area, and features a tail light located at the bottom and a motor generator mounted on the auxiliary power supply. The operation range is centered on Akita, and supports regional transportation over a wide area between Shinjo and Aomori on the Ou Line, between Sakata and Akita on the Uetsu Line, and between Aomori and Kanita on the Tsugaru Line.
- Prototype of all-long seat Kawasaki Heavy Industries organization belonging to Akita Vehicle Center
- Reproduce the form after single arm pantograph, reinforced skirt replacement, and equipment update
- Detailed reproduction of the underfloor equipped with a motor generator as a unique tail light arrangement and auxiliary power supply
- Each car uses a body-mounted close-coupled coupler without hooks. Comes with a Denren for mounting the head
- A reinforced skirt with a snowplow shape that is similar to the actual vehicle with an integrated body support, jumper plug, and air hose. Reproduce the appearance that the position of the notch is different between Kumoha and Kuha. (The coupler cannot be swung. When driving by connecting the heads together, please use the accessory skirt for connecting.)
- Beautifully expresses the simple pink belt that represents the cars placed in the Akita area
- The 3-car set reproduces the appearance without a one-man display beside the customer door, and the 2-car set reproduces the appearance with a one-man display
- Stable running is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel. Driven by a single dolly, equipped with traction tires
- The coupler cover is already attached to the leading car coupler.
- Front display "Akita (LED display)" has been printed
- Compatible with interior lighting kit Kato 11-211 (11-212)

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