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Kato 10-1697 Series N700S Shinkansen 'Nozomi' 4 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY15,180
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Dive into the world of precision and authenticity with our N700S Shinkansen ‘Nozomi’ model ― a true masterpiece for passionate enthusiasts of Shinkansen model trains.

The N700S Shinkansen has been hailed as the “Supreme” of the N700 series. This model Shinkansen train stands as a benchmark for the next-generation Shinkansen, operated by JR Central. This extraordinary creation commenced its journey between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka in July 2020, marking a significant milestone in high-speed trail travel.

Unmatched Engineering

The N700S Shinkansen model train redefines excellence. Compared to its predecessor, the N700A, the N700S boasts enhanced stability, safety, comfort, and convenience. It incorporates cutting-edge technology, including a self-propelled system and a fully active vibration control device. Every detail, from the distinctive dual supreme wing shape front to the intricacies of the lights and symbol mark on the side, has been meticulously reproduced for the aficionado’s discerning eye.

Intricate Details

To add another layer of authenticity to your layout, we’ve integrated KATO’s original body tilting mechanism, accurately mimicking the inward tilt when navigating curves, just like the actual train. The N700S model also replicates the J3 organization prototype belonging to the Tokyo police station inspection vehicle office in 2020. The dual supreme wing shape of the model Shinkansen train, symbol mark in striking gold, blue band wrapping around the body, and unique underfloor cover are all captured in exquisite detail.

Smooth Operation

Our commitment to an enjoyable modeling experience continues with a power unit equipped with a flywheel for stable and reliable running. The LED head and tail lights mimic real-life behavior with both the upper and lower lights lighting up. Lastly, the N700S Shinkansen model is flexible and DCC friendly, which lets you tailor your layout to your unique preferences.

The Kato 10-1697 series N700S Shinkansen ‘Nozomi’ 4 Cars Set (N scale) is more than just a model ― it’s a celebration of your passion. Enrich your collection and embrace the world of Shinkansen like never before.

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