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Kato/Peco 51-201B Steam Locomotive Small England 'Prince (Red)' (OO-9 scale)

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MSRP: JPY19,800
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KATO's first OO-9 narrow scale model realized in collaboration with PECO, the steam locomotive "Small England <Princess> / <Prince>" preserved in the UK is now available!
"Small England <Princess> / <Prince>" is a steam locomotive that represents the Ffestiniog Railway, which is a heritage railway with a gauge of 597 mm and operates in Snowdonia National Park in the United Kingdom. A tank-type steam locomotive with a tender with two-axle driving wheels manufactured by George England from 1863 to 1867, it is one of the oldest on the railroad. <Princess> <Prince> has been dynamically preserved and is playing an active role by pulling passenger cars on the heritage railway.
OO-9 <Double Owner> is a 1/76 scale, 9mm gauge "narrow gauge" model railroad. It can run on N gauge unitrack tracks. You can enjoy driving on the counter while keeping the cute atmosphere of the actual car and the detailed details unique to the steam locomotive. It is also compatible with the Unitrack Compact series, so it is also recommended for driving in a small space layout unique to narrow scales.

- OO-9 narrow scale model with 1/76 and gauge of 9 mm
- By adopting a coreless motor, smooth and stable running unique to KATO steam locomotive products is realized. With traction tires, it is possible to tow 3 passenger cars (PECO product) on a flat section
- Accurately reproduce the humorous form peculiar to the saddle tank and details such as handle rails and piping
- Make different frontal handrails for <Princess> and <Prince>
- Reproduce the red rods of the main rod, side rod, and first driving wheel
- Arnold coupler standard equipment, PECO specification coupler included for replacement
- Minimum passing radius Locomotive single line: R117, locomotive + passenger car (PECO product): R216
- DCC decoder can be installed by processing the locomotive part.

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