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Kato 10-1762 TGV Lyria Euroduplex 10 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY35,200
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The traditional international train TGV Lyria Euroduplex, which inherits the lineage of the TEE (Trans Europ Express) "Cisalpin" and Ligne de Cœur (Heart's line), has been operating between Paris and Switzerland since 2019.
It features the new logo of TGV Lyria, which was adopted from 2016, and the appearance that imaged the "arrow" that reminds us of quickness and dynamic movement based on the traditional red. The body is also designed with the main destinations of France and Switzerland.
It is possible to reproduce the combination of two trains similar to the actual car, and you can enjoy it in combination with 10-1529 TGV Réseau Duplex and ICE4.

- Reproduce the new "Lyria" based on bright red, which is a two-story Euroduplex organization to increase transportation capacity
- The locomotives at both ends of the formation reproduce the appearance that the dent at the bottom of the front glass is closed and the antenna is added on the roof.
- Two types of pantographs are made separately (some shapes are different from the actual vehicle).
- Beautifully reproduce the logo mark on various parts of the car body and the car body designed with the name of each city that arrives and departs
- The color of the chair of the passenger car is reproduced with ivory on all cars
- Flywheel mounted Power provides smooth running performance
- Headlight / taillight lit (bulb color LED adopted)
- Remove the connecting cover at the front of the locomotive and use the attached drawbar to reproduce the same 20-car train as the actual car.
- DCC compatible (those with a 6-pin socket are compatible with M1 and M2. However, it is necessary to change the CV29 value setting of the decoder installed in M2 and invert the control of the headlight / taillight)
- Accessories: Drawbar for leading connection (long / short x 1 each), dummy board for turning off the light
- Compatible with interior lighting kit Kato 11-213 (11-214) 

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