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Kato 10-1770 Series 415-100 (Joban Line/JNR Standard Color) 4 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY14,190
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Series 415 is an AC / DC suburban train that can be operated in the AC and DC sections of both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies, which began production in 1971. Due to the long manufacturing period, the seating arrangement and body shape differ depending on the number, and it is characterized by a wide variety. Initially, the rose pink body, which was the standard paint color for AC / DC trains, was painted with a cream warning color, but from 1983, the cream was painted with a new blue band to coincide with the Tsukuba Expo. The change to was started, and mixed formation with new colors was also seen during the transition period.
The 415 series of the JNR standard color era, nicknamed <Akaden>, if you combine it with <10-1535 ~ 1537 415 series (Joban Line, new color)>, you can enjoy the mixed color formation seen in the transition period.

- A prototype of the organization that belonged to the Katsuta train ward around 1984.
- 4-car basic set… 100 series (semi-cross seat formation), AU75BH cooler 4-car add-on set… 500 series (long seat formation), AU75 cooler
- Different seating arrangements and underfloor equipment for 100s and 500s
- Reproduce the form without sewage treatment equipment at the end of the car, Joban radio antenna preparation work, train radio antenna
- Beautifully expresses Japanese National Railways standard color Red No. 13 + Cream No. 4 around the front light
- The front holo receiving frame is expressed in silver on both leading cars.
- Each car uses a body-mounted close-coupled coupler without hooks. Comes with a torso support that can be attached to the top
- Stable driving is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
- Head light / tail light, front display lit (with off switch) * Only KUHA 411-611 of 4-car add-on set is not lit
- The front display is already installed with "normal (white letters on a dark blue background)". Comes with a plain front display for replacement
- The contents of the 4-car basic set can be stored in the vehicle book case of the 4-car add-on set.
- Accessories: Driver for turn-off switch, jumper plug, body support, front display (plain), destination display sticker
- Compatible with interior lighting kit  Kato 11-211 (11-212)

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