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Kato 2028-2 Steam Locomotive Type 8620 (58654 'SL Hitoyoshi') (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY17,050
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"SL Hitoyoshi" is a temporary rapid train towed by a steam locomotive that connects Kumamoto and Hitoyoshi, and is operated by the 8620 type 58654 and the 50 series 700s, which is a dedicated passenger car. Both locomotives and passenger cars feature a black body with gorgeous decorations, and are one of the popular sightseeing trains of JR Kyushu. Currently, part of the Hisatsu Line is out of service, so it has been operating between Kumamoto and Tosu on the Kagoshima Main Line since May 2021, and the passenger car is also active as a temporary train combined with DE10. 

- Among the 8620 types, the characteristics of the late type with larger tenders, cab hem, runboard shape, etc. have been realistically reproduced.
- Accurately reproduce the gorgeous appearance such as the gate iron differential and the gold and silver decorations applied everywhere, the white grip bar, the red rod, etc.
- Reproduce the "revival" name plate of the tender wife face
- Arnold coupler is standard equipment for both single item and set. Replacement knuckle coupler included
- Spoke wheels reproduce the appearance that the spokes are actually missing
- Headlight lighting, light bulb color LED adopted
- Accessories: "SL Hitoyoshi" head mark, KATO knuckle coupler, coupler for double conjunctive form, knuckle coupler for conjunctive form

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