Kato 10-012 SL Freight Train Starter Set (5 Cars Set and M1) (N scale)

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Introducing a freight train towed by C11 in the starter set.
The C11 is a representative type of Japanese tank-type steam locomotive, and 381 cars were manufactured in 1932-1947. During the JNR era, it was useful for both passengers and was active all over the country, and it is still popular in various places. This product is a starter set that you can enjoy the freight train towed by C11, which was seen on the local line.

- For the set vehicle, select "C11", which is representative of Japanese tank-type steam locomotives.
- The power pack adopts "Power Pack Standard SX" and "AC adapter for starter" which are easy to use and have high output (1.2A).
- Unitrack line is composed of one endless lap equivalent to M1 set
- Addition of Unitrack "V track set series" enables various track development!
- The plan variation guide of the genus is a treasure trove of track plans. You can enjoy more expansive system development
- There is a secret pocket inside the package, which can store the case and railroad tracks of the vehicle set that you purchased later.

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