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Kato 10-020 EF210 Container Train Starter Set (3 Cars Set and M1) (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY20,570
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- For the locomotive of the set, select the latest "EF210-300" from the EF210, which is the main locomotive for freight. Ready-to-run specification with release lever, hand pickpocket, lightning arrester, train radio antenna, whistle, and signal flame installed

- The freight cars are Koki 107 x 2 cars (Koki 107 329, Koki 107 463). The product specifications are the same as those included in the 10-1432 Koki 106 + 107 container unloaded 10-car set. Includes reflector for Koki 107

- The loading container is a vivid magenta with a 40-foot high cube container featuring the "ONE" logo and a 19D container (new paint) x 6 that is familiar to container freight trains. Enjoy the formation of freight trains that change. receive.

- The power pack adopts "Power Pack Standard SX" and "AC adapter for starter" which are easy to use and have high output (1.2A).

- Unitrack track is composed of one endless lap equivalent to M1 set.

- A variety of track development is possible by adding the Unitrack "V track set series".

- The attached plan variation guide is a treasure trove of track plans. Enjoy more expansive system deployment

- There is a secret pocket inside the package, which can store the case and railroad tracks of the vehicle set that you purchased later.

- Accessories: 1 for the front of the license plate, 1 for the side of the license plate, 1 for the reflector, 2 for the KATO knuckle coupler

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