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Kato 40-902 Unitram Starter Set Hiroshima Electric Railway Type 1000 (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY40,700
You save JPY8,791

Expected release date is Oct 31, 2022


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- Hiroden Electric Railway 1000 type <Green Mover LEX> Standard color (product for starter set): Car number 1006, beautifully reproduces the dark green band on the white body. The front destination display is "5 Hiroshima Port (Ujina)". The prototype reproduces the appearance after the start of the IC card all-door disembarkation service from the beginning of 2018 to May 2018

Accessories: Replacement destination display (plain), destination display sticker, replacement destination display (plain), destination display sticker

Starter set contents: Orbital plate: Straight orbital plate 124 mm x 2, Curved orbital plate intersection R180 x 4, Accessory kit: Electric stop parts 3 types, Electric stop seal x 1, Electric stop screw x 4, Center separation zone x 2 , Centerpole 2 types (straight line x 1, curved line x 4), road fence x 2, traffic light x 2, street light x 1, unit tram relayer x 1, tram feeder x 2, unijoiner removal x 1, tram Joiner x 18 (28 including plate built-in), Plate joiner A x 12 (20 including plate built-in), Plate joiner B x 4, Common user manual x 1, Power pack standard SX, AC adapter for N

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- 11-211/212 LED interior light clear / (6 cars included)

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