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Kato 10-1798 Series 883 'Sonic' Renewal Car (AO-3 Configuration) 7 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY23,100
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Expected release date is Mar 31, 2023


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883 series "Sonic" AO-3 formation with a characteristic face
883 series "Sonic" operated between Hakata and Oita. Of the 8 series 883 trains, the AO-3 train boasts high popularity as the only one with a louvered design on the front panel of the leading car that resembles the grill of a car.

- The prototype is the current appearance of the AO-3 organization belonging to the Oita Vehicle Center
- Reproduce the characteristic front panel with a louvered central part
- Reproduce the appearance that the exterior has been changed to dark metallic blue after large-scale renewal
- Precisely express complex and three-dimensional details such as a smart single-arm pantograph and a roof top shape where high-voltage equipment is densely packed.
- Equipped with KATO's unique body pendulum mechanism that reproduces the body tilting inward when passing a curve, just like the actual vehicle.
- Underfloor and trolley colors are expressed in blue-gray, and black wheels are used
- The intermediate wheel connection part is equipped with a KATO coupler close connection type with a jumper pipe as standard equipment. Coupler is expressed in black
- Headlights / taillights lit. The headlight uses a white LED. Reproduce the recent LED headlights. The fog lens is expressed in a more realistic yellow color tone.
- Update the contents of the destination display sticker to the current specification
- Accessories: Destination display sticker, bumper, coupler cover, roof equipment
- Compatible with interior lighting kit Kato 11-211 (11-212)

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