AZONX Wajima Gold Lacquer Maki-e Fountain Pen -Gafu- Rabbit


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- Authentic ''Wajima lacquer'' fountain pen crafted in high detail using traditional methods

''Wajima lacquer'' has a long history and tradition of more than 600 years, and continues to be loved as a living tool and a work of art. Highly regarded both in Japan and overseas as a representative craft of Japan.

- The material of the pen body is natural wood. By using this natural wood, the original technique of ''Wajima lacquer'' comes to life. 
In order to increase the strength of the material, three coats of lacquer are applied: the base coat, the middle coat, and the top coat. 
The final process is to “decorate” using the luxurious “Maki-e” technique.

''Maki-e'' is a technique in which pictures and patterns are drawn using lacquer, gold powder is sprinkled on the surface, and then lacquer is applied several times and polished.

- As time goes by, the hardness of the lacquer film increases, and the more you use it, the more durable it becomes.

- The "slip seal mechanism" solves the common problem with fountain pens, where the ink dries up and becomes impossible to write if it is not used for a while. In addition, you can use pigment ink that easily hardens with high water resistance and light resistance.


- Nib: 14K Gold, Middle, Fine
- Shaft material: Resin body with lacquer finish and maki-e 
- Size: Maximum diameter ∅14.5 x total length 139.5mm
- Weight approx.18.5g
- Accessories/1 cartridge ink (blue-black), converter 500
- Comes with gold brocade bag
- Compatible with both converter type/cartridge type
- Use genuine Platinum fountain pen ink.

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AZONX Wajima Gold Lacquer Maki-e Fountain Pen -Gafu- Rabbit
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