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Arii-01 221815 IJN BattleShip Yamato 1/600 Scale Kit (Microace)

Arii-01 221815 IJN BattleShip Yamato 1/600 Scale Kit (Microace)

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Arii 221815 IJN Battleship Yamato 1/600 Scale Kit

Item is a plastic model kit and assembly is required

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1 Review

John Dalianis 26th Sep 2017

Arii 1/600 Yamato

Nice kit. Crisp details with practically no flash. Excellent addition for simeine building the Airfix ship kits. All kits can benefit from aftermarket parts and the only place I found you can get parts for this kit is Their products are amazing and will bring thus kit to another level. I believe that 1/350 scale or larger kits are too big and cost a fortune. I really hate the collusion Japanese companies made in the 70's to make 1/700 scale the small scale standard. I belueve 1/600 is the best scale for detail- cost balance. I take my hat off to Microace/Arii for producing tgeir 1/600 ships and I hope they expand their offerings in this scale.

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