Fujimi TOKU-97EX-1 IJN Battleship Hyuga (1942/ w/o 5th Gun Turret) 1/700 scale kit

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Item is a plastic model kit and assembly is required

Made in Japan

- Battleships and two types converted to an aircraft battleship Hidaka of commercialization in a special series, in addition this time with a special specification of this product limited inclusion!
- Battleship Hinata was built at the Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard as the second ship of the Ise battleship, which was redesigned, based on the previous class fuso type.
- After the renovation once in the early Showa period, it entered the Pacific War.
- In May 1945, an explosion accident occurred at No. 5 turret during the shooting exercise at Iyonada, landing the accident turret as quickly as possible, and equipped with 4 25 mm 3 consecutive machine guns in that place.
At the same time, we are carrying out experiments on the radar (radio wave detection trace) which was under development at the time and prove it.
- Examination Midway Island strategy strategy will be sought in the following month without lowering the installed electricity search.
- Afterwards, with the IGE shipbuilder, remodeled to an air battleship for emergency replenishment of the aircraft carrier strength, sneaked out to the Kenichi tactics and survived without a single shot, finally in July of 1954, It bottomed and greeted the end.

- Painting: Required
- Molding color: Gray
- Glue: Required
- Sticker: Not included
- Decal: Included

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