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Fujimi FUNE NEXT 010 EX-1 IJN Aircraft Carrier Shinano (See-through version) 1/700 scale kit

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MSRP: JPY5,280
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Item is a plastic model kit and assembly is required

The flight deck was made transparent and the color was reproduced with a new exclusive sticker such as the floor of the hangar.
It is possible to finish with not only the appearance but also the mechanical atmosphere!

Shinano was planned to be changed to aircraft carrier during construction as a Yamato Type Battleship 3rd ship, completed in November 1943 and was sunk by a lightning strike by the submarine in the same month  

□ The product is designed in a snap-fit ​​style that does not require an adhesive, and it is a series with specifications that make a line with the conventional kit.
□ Main parts are represented by color-separated plastic parts, and some color tones are reproduced with real stickers excellent in surface followability.
□ Flight deck is transparent molding, it is a specification that you can see the hangar of the lower layer.
* (Since the surface of the flight deck is surface treated to suppress unnatural luster, transparency is not very high)
□ In order to express the inside of the hangar and flight deck in a real way, a new color representation sticker for this product is attached.
* New sticker is a specification that the user cuts out according to the cut line.

Ship NEXT series is a plastic kit that makes ship model easier to make, yet realizes realistic.
◁EParts are color-coded and painting is unnecessary.
◁EPartition matching is not conspicuous The split method is adopted.
◁EIt is a snap kit that does not require glue.
◁EStickers that reproduces the color coding of the fine parts is attached.
◁EYou can reproduce the offshore models by removing under the waterline.

Made in Japan

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