Fujimi 801971 Blade Runner Spinner (Resin Model) 1/43 Scale

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Blade Runner Spinner Model

Get a replica of a spinner, the flying cars from the cult-classic movie Blade Runner, to add to your sci-fi model collection. This resin replica comes fully assembled, so you can put it on display as soon as you get it.

This Blade Runner spinner model is the police spinner that Harrison Ford’s character Deckard drove in the film. Brightly painted and expertly detailed, this model is perfect for any fan’s display collection.


  • 1/43 scale
  • Comes fully assembled, so no assembly is required

About Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a sci-fi movie from 1982, directed by Ridley Scott. Starring Harrison Ford, the movie is set in Los Angeles in 2019, a world in which synthetic humans, known as replicants, are bioengineered to work as slaves in off-world colonies. When an evil group of these replicants escape from a colony, a disgruntled cop agrees to hunt them down.

The film has gone on to become a cult-classic among sci-fi fans, and in 2017, a sequel called Blade Runner 2049 was released starring Ryan Gosling alongside Ford, who reprised his role from the original film.

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