Fujiya Anpanman Mini Mini Ramune

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There are plenty of exciting Japanese snacks out there from major manufacturers that everyone should try. However, there are also a host of products that feature characters that bring you back to your own childhood or are culturally important to Japan. Among these various candies are Fujiya Anpanman candy products that are exciting, delicious, and collectible! If you’re a fan of Anpanman or you love the look and flavors of these goodies, now’s the time to order some Fujiya Anpanman Ramune candy!

Enjoy Anpanman Candy From Japan

Fujiya Anpanman candy features Anpanman, the world’s weakest superhero who had his own children’s picture book series from 1973 to 2013 that was also adapted into a TV show. While he doesn’t have any special powers, he’s known for solving conflict through kindness.

Now, you can enjoy Anpanman with Anpanman Ramune candy! Offered in four flavors: grape, peach, mikan, and apple, every tube features an exciting design as well as collectible character stickers that you can work towards getting with each tube you buy. If you love fun and tasty candy featuring some of Japan’s most notable characters, you’re sure to love Fujiya Anpanman Mini Mini Ramune!

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