1/144 HG UC MSK-008 DIJEH Review

1/144 HG UC MSK-008 DIJEH Review

The MSK-008 Dijeh is a mobile suit that appears in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam from the Universal Century timeline.

A series that first aired in 1985 in Japan, this classic mech was piloted by 'Ace Pilot' Amuro Ray.

Today we're going to review the 1/144 HG UC MSK-008 DIJEH kit the original art on the box is amazing and brings excitement to any imagination that see's it.

The most notable point is that the 1/144 scale kit seen here stays true to the original anime colours of the original broadcast.

In the instruction colour guide, it's stated as Emerald Green, but the 1/100 version, seems to have a completely different almost turquoise blue shade to the main body colour.

Balance and overall weight of the kit are very good, the bulky legs and armour skirt are on point.

Although its a HG kit, the parts are very detailed, finishing with a panel pen would make this kit look marvelous.

What I like most about this kit is the usage of the flexible TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer). It's flexible like a silicone or rubber feel that emulates the Gundam piping for the head and leg units, being flexible, they move with the parts, giving a real authentic feel and added quality to the kit for such a simple touch.        


The articulation is great, the head part doesn't move up and down much but has good rotation with added cool points for the flexible piping mentioned earlier.

One other point on articulation is that the armored skirt can get in the way of some positions, raising the knee up can sometimes be obstructed, but nothing major to critique here.

A signature part of the 1/144 HG UC MSK-008 DIJEH are the wings on the backpack, they are actually heat radiation fins for the boosters.

The DIJEH style mech is from a different era of over 30 years ago and designs were simply different then. some people may not be fans of this look, but I personally like it, a somewhat different flavor compared to the current generation of super cool sharp edges and angled parts.

They snap in neatly so be sure to cut off the nib nice an cleanly when fitting these parts as it's a close fit for sure.

To the left and right of the rear thrusters are small hook type pertruding parts that allow storage of the CLAY BAZOOKA.

Below the rear armored skirt are concealed thrusters, the kit also comes with open hand parts that look great also.

The left arm boasts another unique feature of the CLAY BAZOOKA holder, when you need to be in full attack mode, close quarters with the BEAM NAGIATA, which itself is a very cool piece modeled with transparent yellows

to give a nice beam effect,I like that the handle colour matches the yellow of the chest parts and really gives life to those action poses.

When not in use, it can be stored neatly on the back pack below the wings, leaving you free to use the 3rd weapon the BEAM RIFLE.

Definitely one of the more unique and eye catching mechs from the UC timeline, and making a debut after more than 3 decades, this kit still looks fresh as ever and would be a welcome to anyone’s collection.

This kit stands upright fully extended to about 17cm to the tip of heat dispersion fans and accessories.

Overall a very good, fun kit that has good clean looks to it, classic beam type weapons and mean looking head parts.

The unique flexible piping is a really high merit feature for me that really adds speciality to this HG kit.

The 1/144 HG UC MSK-008 DIJEH is in stock AND on sale right now at PlazaJapan

This is a great kit for anyone and a highly reccomended hot buy!