5 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

5 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

Posted by admin on Jan 23, 2018

Whether your goal is to perform on live stages or simply to impress people at parties, learning a few magic tricks that are easy enough to pull off, even for kids, is definitely worth your while. Not only is it a conversation starter, it’s an art that’s been passed down since antiquity. To change one thing into something else, perform a seemingly impossible feat, or make an object disappear entirely are impressive acts, to say the least. Unfortunately, like so many people approaching a new art, beginners and kids may feel some apprehension for learning even the easier magic tricks because of the time or monetary investment involved.

But Plaza Japan has you covered. We offer many products relating to magic tricks for beginners, as well as easy magic tricks for kids. You needn’t fear about getting started with what could well become a lifelong passion or at least a fun conversation piece. The hardest part of any new undertaking is just getting started, and with our list of five magic tricks for beginners, we’ve made that part easier.

5 Magic Tricks for Beginners: Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

  1. Fork Bending
  2. Rope to Silk
  3. Two in One Rope
  4. Floating Card
  5. 8X Magic Se

1. Fork Bending

This is one of the most simple and off-the-bat impressive magic tricks for beginners. Spoon (or in this case, fork) bending is a way to show off the powers of your “mind” by employing misdirection and sleight of hand, two of the most essential elements of any easy magic trick, even for kids.

  • To do this trick, simply hold a fork by its handle.
  • Rub it with a thumb or finger on one hand while holding it with the other hand.
  • Once you have rubbed the fork for a few seconds, it should bend under its own weight without any additional pressure from your fingers.

The fantastic thing about this trick is that not only will it dazzle your friends once it’s been mastered, but also prepare your hands and misdirection skills for more not-so-easy yet kid-friendly magic tricks in the future. With the Tenyo Japan Fork Bending kit, you can get started immediately.

2. Rope to Silk

Silk rope magic trick

The rope to silk trick is often one of the easiest first magic tricks for kids due to its relative simplicity.

  • Take the rope into your hands and show it to the audience in an upright position.
  • Stroke the rope. It should now be standing rigid.
  • Pass your hands over it to indicate there is no support.
  • Do a cutting gesture and the rope should turn limp again.
  • You can also give it another stroke to turn the rope into a beautiful silk scarf.

With the Tenyo Japan Rope to Silk trick, you can learn this trick yourself. Used as a centerpiece for many magic opening acts, you’ll find it to be easily one of your favorite magic tricks for starting out, even as a kid. It is easy to learn, simple to perform, and can be done even when completely surrounded by a crowd, making it one of the most vital magic tricks for beginners.

3. Two in One Rope

The two in one rope trick is an impressive and easy magic trick for kids to begin with. With a little cutting, see-through tape, and some quality misdirection, you can fuse and separate a rope right before your adoring audience. This trick has no secret gizmo or mechanism, so you will need some practice before you can pull it off correctly.

  • Show the two ropes of varying lengths in an upright position.
  • Connect the ends of the ropes to one another.
  • Make sure to emphasize when you pull the ropes in opposing directions.
  • The two ropes should now be one long rope.
  • Another trick you can do is to loop the rope around your waist.
  • Make a tugging gesture at one end for the audience.
  • Turn around with your back to the viewers.
  • When you turn back around to face the audience, hold both ends of the rope.
  • Bend forward and pull the rope backward.
  • Pull the rope forward once again and it should look as if it passed through your body to appear in front.

While this trick can be done with any piece of rope and some practice, you’d be better suited to try the Tenyo Japan two in one rope kit, as it includes what is referred to as “magician’s rope.” This is simply a more malleable rope that has had its core removed and is much easier to contort into the relatively complex shapes necessary to pull off this easy magic trick for kids.

4. Floating Card

Floating card magic trick

No doubt some novices may be getting bored with the idea of seemingly simple tricks. The Floating Card is a magic trick easy enough for kids that creates a great deal of shock and awe in audiences.

  • In this trick, ask a member of the audience to choose a card from a deck.
  • Make a gesture of examining the card thoroughly to show that nothing is hidden.
  • Place that card on top of the deck.
  • Brandish your own version of a magical gesture. The card will slowly float upward.
  • Remove the card below it to show that the floating card remains suspended.
  • Do another gesture and the selected card should slowly return on top of the deck.
  • Examine that card once again.
  • Immediately spread the deck to show all card faces.

Levitation is one of the most astonishing magic tricks, and even if you’re a kid, you can easily pull it off for yourself with the Tenyo Japan floating card trick. This package includes everything you will need, including a deck of Bicycle playing cards. Don’t skip on this amazing trick to really blow the minds of your audience.

5. 8X Magic Set

Maybe you’re more interested in getting a tiny bit of everything than committing to one trick. This Tenyo Japan magic set is full of very easy magic tricks for kids. Stocked with dice, cards, sponges, cups, and other supplies to allow young ones to first dip their toes in the water of magic, this kit is an outstanding way to bring about a slow and comprehensive introduction. Get started with your magic journey early by ordering the 8X Magic Set!

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