Building the Best: Our Customers’ Favorite Plastic Model Kits

Building the Best: Our Customers’ Favorite Plastic Model Kits

Sep 21, 2020

It’s one thing to say that we at  Plaza Japan have the best model kits— which we do. It’s another thing to be able to back up that claim with stunning and detailed pieces you’ll be proud to display! If you’re looking to expand your model collection, it might help you to know which Japanese plastic model kits our customers enjoy the most. With that being said, take a peek at our top models, as well as our most popular brands and manufacturers. Then, you can pick out a few of your favorites from our long list of the best plastic model kits!

All Aboard!

locomotive model train kit

Tomix 9183 JR Electric Locomotive Type EF67-100 No.101 (Renewed Design) (N scale) ($57.78)

Our best model train kits are always top sellers, and for good reason. Building model trains is a classic, well-loved hobby. You might even say that it goes beyond a mere pastime because of its sheer scope. When you get into model trains, you’re not dealing solely with trains. You have to put together the tracks, as well. And, if you have enough space, you might create entire cities, towns, or villages. Not only can you display an assortment of trains, such as cargo and passenger trains, but you can also set the scene with shopfronts, stores, businesses, little houses, and figurines. What kind of imaginative town would you like to build?

Military Madness

black submarine model kit

Pit-Road JB29 JMSDF Submarine SS-501 Soryu 1/350 Scale Kit ($30.83)

We offer a far-reaching assortment of military scale models for model enthusiasts who love history. Our realistic military models are intricate and wonderfully detailed, making them some of the best model kits in our stock. Better still, there’s something for every taste and skill level - not to mention all of the tools and accoutrements you need to build them. Put together ships from the Japanese Navy, or opt for a collection of modern fighter jets from around the world. At a 1/700 scale, you’ll enjoy spending hours assembling these true-to-life models, painting them, and applying the proper decals! These models are sure to attain collectible status as soon as you finish them.

The Versatility of Fujimi

cruiser ship plastic model kit

Fujimi TOKU 80 EX-1 IJN Heavy Cruiser Atago Sp Ver (Base & Display) 1/700 ($28.11)

When you want to build something truly epic, browse through the best model kits from Fujimi for pieces you can enjoy for a lifetime! Some of our most popular Fujimi model kits include the brand’s nautical and military-inspired models. Just imagine putting together a battleship complete with a helicopter, a seaplane that’s perfect for recon, or a heavy artillery cruiser. You can also assemble military trucks and vans with weaponry.

Beyond that, consider snagging a stunning  Shuri castle from the brand’s building collection. If dinosaurs are more your thing, then you’ll love Fujimi’s pre-painted dinosaur kits, such as the formidable T-Rex or a vicious Velociraptor. Fujimi also offers tour bus conductors and other figurines to man the vehicles that you assemble.

The Vintage Appeal of Fine Molds

Mitsubishi Interceptor model plane


Do you love retro models?  Fine Molds is the perfect pick for you. You will love their vintage appeal, which is readily apparent in every model. The brand specializes in military models, such as tanks and planes, as well as smaller models, including binoculars and cameras. Think about adding a gun stock to your ship. There are even grenade launchers, control systems with antennas, and more to bring your model alive with details!

Your Dream Cars From Aoshima

Nissan car model kit

Aoshima 61077 The Model Car 049 Nissan KGC110 Skyline HT2000GT-X '74 1/24 Scale Kit ($19.27)

If you love putting together realistic model cars, Aoshima is unquestionably the brand for you. Aoshima offers some of the best plastic model kits you’ll find anywhere, including robot warriors and military vehicles. But realistic cars, motorcycles, and trucks are the brand’s claim to fame. From race cars to everyday vehicles, you can find scores of Aoshima models to tickle your fancy. There are pre-painted models that you can easily put together in a day or two, along with models that require you to add all of the paint and fine details. You can even customize them with the colors and decals of your choice!

Travel the World with Doyusha

plastic model of a castle

The Doyusha brand has an impressive array of models, including military planes that are incredibly realistic. Our customers love putting together Phantom Sundowner planes and submarines. However, some of our most popular Doyusha model kits depict beautiful buildings and sites from around the world. A quick peek at our selection reveals the Tokyo Sky Tree, the Heisei Himeji Castle, and even the RMS Titanic. Putting together a model of the Tokyo Tower can take you straight to the bustling city, or you can try your hand at a gorgeously detailed Japanese Edo! They’re the best plastic model kits for anyone who enjoys history and travel.

There’s no doubt that we have the best model kits available. We’re sure to become your go-to shop for trains, planes, and automobiles! Now that you know what our customers love, tell us about your favorite models and manufacturers. What do you plan to build next?